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Energy& Coaching Sessions

Energy & Coaching Sessions: 

 Multiple options and plans available.  

-60 min online session

-60 min in person sessions

-bundle and save options available


Energy Sessions are unique to each individual. Our mind and body work together as an incredibly intuitive system.  Connecting with that intuition allows us to receive guidance and support in understanding root causes for many of the symptoms we are experiencing.  When we begin to communicate at a deeper level with our energies we begin to recognize just how empowered we can be in our own wellness. 


My approach to each session is based on the knowledge and training I have received from 5 different modalities as well as my heightened and trained intuition (please click here for descriptions of the different modalities). Sessions consist of a brief discussion, followed by connection with the bodies energy and intuition, shifts and energetic support for these areas, followed by a brief discussion of what came up during the energy work.  

We all have access to our higher selves and spirit, but have blocks and limiting beliefs that keep us from accessing that wisdom. During our session we will move into communication with your higher self, and work with source energy to support your highest wellness.  This may include clearing and releasing, downloading and updating, guidance surrounding current limiting beliefs, as well as the strengthening of your awareness and access to your higher wisdom. This energy works across all space and time, shifting all aspects of the root cause to create wellness in your present moment.

The area of focus is uniquely tailored and can include, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, soul related work.  If you are feeling unsure of where you would like to focus, I assure you, your body/spirit will be happy to give us direction.

Energy Sessions can be done in person at my home clinic space in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, BC or remotely via Zoom.  You can now book online for Remote Sessions.  Please contact me directly for in-person bookings.  You are also welcome to contact me directly for remote sessions as well.

Looking forward to being in touch please call or text 778-846-1541 or email me at 

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