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Energy healing changed my life. What energy healing did for me was so profound that it has become my sole purpose to do the same for others.

I used to have what I now refer to as my "resume" of emotional and physical injuries and illness, complete with examples of every therapy and every medical session I had attended in an effort to fix them.

Every appointment, and there were many, started out the same.  A long list of every practitioner I'd seen, every example of why it didn't work followed up by a desperate plea to please help fix me. Appointment after appointment I became more discouraged until finally I resigned myself to the fact that I would be forever in pain.

I had lost hope.  I read stories of others who had conquered chronic pain, but assumed they were more mentally strong or more disciplined than I was; neither was true.

I feel profoundly fortunate to say that I found my way back to feeling hopeful. I would be happy to tell you all about it; however, to truly understand the strength of our mind and body it's best to feel it, experience it for yourself.

I would like to support you in your journey back to wellness. Let me show you what your mind is capable of when feeling hopeful and empowered.

I have received training in a number of energy modalities.  My Energy Therapy Sessions are a culmination of these teachings, my Medical Intuition, and Connection to Empowerment/Creator.  To learn a little more about the modalities I have trained in please click here.

To book a session please contact me directly by phone or email.

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