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What is Remote Energy Healing?

Remote Energy work can be difficult to explain and even harder to believe.  It has been my experience that it is in receiving and experiencing Remote Energy Work that we allow ourselves to open to the possibility and amazing possibilities of energy.  It allows us to expand on what we believed to be possible through direct experience.

During a Remote Energy Session I will be connecting with Heart Resonance Energy.  As a practitioner the application of the energy is very similar to an in-person session. As a client, the remote sessions energetically, have the same effect on the body as an in-person treatment.

How Does a Session Work

A remote session is booked for a set time.  The session does not require the practitioner to be in visual contact with the client; however, sessions can be done through a visual medium (skype, messenger, facetime) providing a nice opportunity for us to connect and have discussion. 


In advance of the session we will have connected by phone or message to discuss areas of focus for the session.  This may be for a specific pain, stress reduction, help with sleep, energetic alignment. Every session is unique to the client. If you are unsure of where you would like to focus not to worry. Energetically your system will guide the session to where it is most needed.


When the time of the session arrives: 


If booked through this website please connect using the link sent to you when you booked through the website. If you messaged me directly for a session I will contact you through the means as discussed.

During the session you may feel, tingling, heat, slight pressure or shifting, you may see colors.  It's important to understand that you do not need to see or feel these sensations to experience the benefits of the energy session.


Remote sessions are $175 for 60 minutes  Click Here  or click the button below to Book a Remote Energy Session.


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