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Learning to Give As We Receive

I am a student of A Course In Miracles (ACIM), and although this Guided Meditation is not directly from ACIM it was inspired by it. Every day I take part in my Daily Lesson, and yesterdays lesson was "I learn to give as I receive". After doing my reading and working through my practice with this lesson I decided to take this same intention into a meditation and see where it took me.

Below is a guided version of the meditation that came from this intention. Below I've written out some of the steps we go through in the meditation.

The guided meditation starts with envisioning a ball of glowing light, comprised of love, light, source energy, collective consciousness, and then moving into a ray of light radiating out from this collective consciousness.

This light pathway then travels from source to your chakra system and moves through your chakra system illuminating your chakras and grounding channel. Once illuminated, we step back to a 3rd person perspective to see the ball of consciousness, the pathway of light, and your body connected.

A final step is to then bring someone else to mind, to see them the same way you are seeing yourself, as a body with a pathway of light connected from source. Sharing the same source and radiating the same light no matter how different they may appear. We then expand the light around our selves to encompass the person we have brought to mind. Knowing they have their direct access and that the light we share acts as a guide to remind them of the source of their own light.

There are a couple really important reminders in this meditation that I was grateful to receive:

-we come from the same source and that source is comprised of love, light, truth and the consciousness of Creator Christ and Holy Spirit

-we are a thought that has taken form and no matter how we appear, or how disharmony appears it is a thought that appears to be form and just like a thought it can be shifted with a different thought.

-we are a thought that has taken form, if we change our thought, we change our form

-every person you see in front of you also comes from that same source energy no matter how different they appear at the level of form.

-we can nourish the whole by remembering our source and connecting to it, as well as by lighting the way at the level of form, showing others the light within us that they may remember the light in them.

-we have a shared consciousness with source and it travels with us in our thoughts and intentions

I am very grateful for these opportunities for connection.

Light and love.


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