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Guided strategy for healing at the source of your disharmony.

Today I've shared a video of a strategy that I use frequently. This guided meditation will walk you through this healing strategy as I work with the heart chakra. When we work at the source of origin for any disharmony we are nourishing the collective.

A couple of points from the video.

-Your tension you are feeling in your body is the check engine light, it is the effect not the cause. When the check engine light comes on we service the area that needs repaired not the blinking light.

-Your part in this process is to ask and observe. I work with Holy Spirit, Creator, Life Force Energy, but you can also request guidance from God, Source, Light.

-You can ask for Holy Spirit to send you the solutions to this disharmony through your love, light, forgiveness to uncover the Love, light, healing, miracles that are being hidden by the disharmony.

Collectively we have a lot of work to do and a lot of thoughts and pathways to nurture. My deepest gratitude to all of you doing this work.

Love and Light Lyanne

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