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Guided Meditation for Moving into Wholeness

For our group guided meditation today we brought our awareness to wholeness and light, working with this light to move and shift, to bring healing and release. Working with our intention to create joyfulness, playfulness, softness, and healing. There are 4 aspects to this meditation:

-Creating light and then expanding it to step within in.

-working within this light to shift and change, recognizing how we can create with light -bringing a loved one into the space with us to share in the light

-releasing attachments into the light

-checking in with our guides that share this light with us.

There are a handful of points that I was reminded of as I was spending time during this meditation over the past week. The first is there was a wonderful joyfulness that came up when I started moving around within the lightness of this meditation. I found myself feeling playful and curious as I moved around in my minds eye, imagining the lightness and free flowing of being in light-form as opposed to physical form. I found myself smirking and dancing and spinning around like I did as a child. It was a wonderfully light hearted experience. The second was the reminder that when we imagine someone into this space with us there is nothing for us to do, we aren't trying to fix things for them, or change things for them, we are inviting them into this light to spend time in light with us, to give ourselves to permission to see them within a space of healing, and joy, and lightness. Thirdly, releasing things into the light is a loving process, we can release our attachment to things that we feel negatively towards and we can release things into the light that we feel positively about, no matter our judgement it all belongs to wholeness and light. Finally, I love inviting my guides to interact, setting the intention for communication or interaction. Maybe you receive images or words, maybe you could sense their presence, maybe you were asking for some help along the way. Our guides are there for us, it is wonderful when you can find time for intentional interaction with them.

If you need a quick strategy for support during your day you can work with small portions of this meditation to bring balance and release in that moment.

For more information you can check out my website: or Love and light. Lyanne

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