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Guided Meditation for mindful observation of breath and releasing tension.

I made the last minute decision to record the guided meditation from our group meditation this evening. There is a bit of an echo but I think still an okay recording. The intention for this meditation to work with the breath, to practice mindful observation and to engage to breath to support release.

Our breath is an incredible gift, and anchor to bring us back from the chaos of the mind and our environment. Observing the breath, without trying to change it or force it, is a powerful practice. As we observe how our breath gently dances in and out of our body, we are able to pick on the subtle rhythm of the body. Mindful observation of the breath, asks us to be curious about how breath shifts and moves the body.

There are multiple strategies from this meditation that can be used for mindfulness and release. Although this meditation is a bit longer than others, you can tailor and use mini sections of it for your own practice.

You are always welcome to message me if you have any question. Enjoy.


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