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Guided Meditation for Grounding the Root Chakra & Lower Body

So tonight's guided meditation was all about grounding and connecting with the Root Chakra and Lower Body. It is a bit longer than usual but it just felt so good to be an that space of grounding I didn't want to step out.

The meditation starts with mindful observation of the breath on the torso, from root to throat chakra and then we move in to mindful observation of the legs and then the root. The legs represent our feeling of stability and our flexibility, our sense of standing on our own two feet and of moving forward with confidence. It is nice to spend time in the energy of these spaces to connect with what is held here. We then move into some breath work with the Root Chakra and then ground the energy from the root chakra down through the legs and into the ground below us.

Grounding can pull up sensation throughout the whole body as we open those channels to release. It can also pull up thoughts and images associated symbolically with stability and security. It is always recommended to do any meditation with gentleness and compassion for whatever comes up through the practice. We do not want to move into a space of resistance. Should you find areas tightening or constricting in a way that is uncomfortable move your attention gently away from the area with your breath and return your attention to the space when and if you feel comfortable.

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