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Guided Meditation for Grounding and Crystal Connection

For tonight's guided group meditation we spent some time with our crystals. Should you have a crystal you might like to spend some time with you can enjoy this meditation with one of your own crystals.

The meditation starts with some mindful breathing at the chest center and then we walk through a grounding practice connecting through to center of mother earth. Opening this pathway and the connection to restorative frequencies of mother earth. From this grounding practice we moved up through the body and the chakras to the soul star, and from there connected the divine and earth through our grounding channel. The final section of the meditation is to move up into the higher aspects of the self to spend time in energetic connection with the crystal you have brought to interact with.

You can hold on to your crystal during the meditation, you can set it beside you for the meditation or place it on or near the body if you are lying down. Even if you don't have a stone or crystal to work with you can you can bring one to mind or a type of crystal to mind while you are in the meditation and work with it intentionally even if the crystal isn't physically present. Enjoy. You can check out some of our crystal collection at

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